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Available from 1 June 2024 until 30 June 2024

At SO Sofitel Hua Hin, we believe that wellness goes beyond individual health, embracing holistic well-being within families. Introducing our special ‘Family Wellness Journey at SO’, designed to offer rejuvenation, relaxation, and bonding experiences for families.


Throughout the month of June in celebrating the Global Wellness Day, we have curated a series of activities and amenities aimed at promoting wellness for every family member, from parents to kids. Our concept revolves around three key pillars:


Pillar One: Mindfulness & Relaxation

Experience guided meditation sessions, family yoga classes, and spa treatments designed to help you unwind and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.


Sunrise Yoga in a Tranquil Garden Setting

Start your day with a sense of peace and rejuvenation. Join us for Sunrise Yoga in our serene garden, where the gentle sounds of nature and the soft glow of the morning sun create the perfect backdrop for mindfulness and relaxation. After your session, refresh and hydrate at our infusion water station, offering a selection of naturally flavored waters to invigorate your senses.


Wellness in Hua Hin


Exclusive Spa Packages for Families at SO/ SPA 

Just Like Mom, Just Like Dad
90 minutes | THB 3,900++ including 1 child per parent

1. 30-minute Aromatic Herbal Bath: Begin your spa journey with a soothing aromatic herbal bath, designed to relax your muscles and calm your mind.

2. 60-minute SO Relaxing Massage: Enjoy a 60-minute relaxing massage tailored for both kids and parents, providing a blissful experience that strengthens family bonds.



Pillar Two: Nutrition & Healthy Eating

Indulge in a range of nutritious and delicious meals at White Oven, designed to nourish your body and delight your taste buds.



Special Healthy Menu

Grilled Salmon Poke Bowl – THB 360++ | Calories: 345 kcal

Avocado Crab Salad – THB 420++ | Calories: 223 kcal

Rice Berry Protein Bowl – THB 230++ | Calories: 195 kcal

Mango and Chia Pudding – THB 180++ | Calories: 125 kcal



Pillar Three: Active Lifestyle: Find Your Perfect Fit!

Engage in a variety of physical activities, from beach sports and fitness classes to nature walks and cycling tours, ensuring every family member stays active and energized.


Pickleball Match: Unleash your competitive spirit! Join a friendly pickleball match and enjoy a fun, social way to get active. Perfect for all skill levels, it’s a great way to meet new people and get a full-body workout.


Cycling around SO: Challenge yourself and your friends! Take on a scenic 16.5 km Hua Hin coastline cycling adventure with hydration stations along the way. Celebrate your accomplishment with a 20% discount on a relaxing foot massage as a post-ride treat!



Thai Boxing: Embrace your inner warrior with our beginner-friendly Muay Thai classes! Build strength, coordination, and confidence while learning the art of Thai boxing.


Water Aerobics: Cool down and have fun with low-impact water aerobics! Great for all ages and fitness levels, especially those recovering from injuries. It’s a refreshing way to get active, socialize, and stay cool.


Join us at SO Sofitel Hua Hin for a month dedicated to fostering wellness and creating lasting memories with your family. Embrace the opportunity to rejuvenate, relax, and bond with your loved ones in our serene and luxurious setting with our exclusive ‘Family Fun Offer’, at the best rate guaranteed when you book online with us directly.

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