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Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, boasting crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, and where beaches reside restaurants on the beach are also sure to be found. You get both of these, and more, at the famous resort town of Hua Hin. Everything from historical attractions and diverse shopping options to amazing gastronomic delights are on offer. Excellent seafood is one of the things that lure weekenders to Hua Hin again and again. This vibrant beachside destination offers authentic local cuisine from hip hangouts and cool cafés to swank beachfront restaurants offering stunning seaside views.


Unlike other coastal towns, Hua Hin is where laid back beach life meets a more lively city-like ambiance. Here you’re able to find a unique mix of dining choices, from restaurants serving royal court-inspired recipes, to street stalls grilling seafood fresh off the boat. And being not that far from Bangkok, Hua Hin is a seaside resort town with a lot to offer locals, expats and travelers alike. With its laid-back beachfront location, royal history, affordable accommodation, fresh seafood and family-friendly night markets, it’s definitely a great area to explore.


Ending your day of poolside rest and relaxation at a Hua Hin beach restaurant, with chic cocktails to match, is truly a luxury you don’t want to miss out on. Enjoy the beautiful sunset hues by the sea with a stylish sunset cocktail before dinner. Then with your appetite properly stimulated, both inland and along the coast some great culinary options can be found, from casual to upper crust. If you want to sip and sup by the sea with calm sea views and evening ocean breezes, you can do no better than SO Sofitel Hua Hin’s on-the-pulse Beach Society. Succulent seafood and creative snacks can be relished while your feet are literally in the sand at Beach Society, our lively and hip oceanfront restaurant on the beach.


Best Beach Restaurants Hua Hin

Nothing can cap a luxurious day along the Hua Hin coastline better than an evening of strolling and snacking on street food at Hua Hin’s famous Night Market. Situated in downtown Hua Hin, the market basically encompasses one street that comes to life after 18:30 when traders line the street selling various arts, crafts and street food. It has been a SO Sofitel Hua Hin tradition for visitors to enjoy Ch-am Beach and the hotel’s indoor activities by day, and then roam the Hua Hin night market by night when the street closes to traffic and casual dining becomes one of the main attractions.


When strolling through the night market, visitors will certainly catch the tantalizing aroma of grilled seafood. Hua Hin Night Market has a superb selection of seafood restaurants, drawing a lot of attention from hungry visitors. Most of the restaurants on the street double as bars where you can enjoy a beer or cocktail while people watching. The seafood restaurants in this part of town are incredibly popular due to their atmosphere, quality of food and Thai-style low prices. Each restaurant usually has a small vending station outside where food is both prepared and sold as street food. In addition to seafood, steaks and western-style BBQ, many other casual dining outlets are easy to find, just follow your nose!


Beach Front Luxury Restaurant

Dining and restaurant options in Hua Hin are numerous and varied. You can choose to dine by the beach from an array of excellent culinary possibilities, from Hua Hin pier restaurants with the cool, salty air wafting right up from the sea, to restaurants on the beach with your toes wiggling in the sand.


For most people dining out in Hua Hin means enjoying a fantastic meal in a beautiful setting, rather than indulging oneself at a formal dining event. Fine dining restaurants are certainly in Hua Hin, but casual dining tends to rule over the high-end establishments in Hua Hin. For a lot of visitors to Hua Hin, seafood is one of the main reasons they have come, so when it comes to dining in Hua Hin, just wander along till you nose tells you “this is the place”!


Therefore, at Hua Hin seaside restaurants most meals are centered around the bounties of the sea that were caught just that day. Even the best restaurants in Hua Hin tend to offer their fresh seafood at much cheaper prices than you will find in Bangkok or Phuket. And as every happy Hua Hin guest will tell you, there is no more enjoyable dining experience than eating freshly caught seafood at a restaurant on the beach while looking out to sea on a breezy, balmy evening.


Thailand’s seaside town of Hua Hin has much to offer seafood lovers, and there is certainly something to be said about enjoying fresh seafood at one of Hua Hin’s restaurants on the beach. Equally satisfying are small side street venues, or the Hua Hin Night Market where the street vendors pluck your chosen treasure from the ice and grill it for you à la minute as your mouth begins to water.


Enjoy Hua Hin’s wonderful variety and abundance of freshly caught seafood, from upscale fine dining to freshly grilled street food. Among Hua Hin’s finest seafood restaurants, the Hua Hin beach restaurants at SO Sofitel Hua Hin stand out. Just steps from the ocean, SO Sofitel Hua Hin’s sumptuous eating establishments have been titillating taste buds from far and wide.


Let your hair down at the hip Beach Society, our restaurant on the beach where the Cuisine of Cool serves up mouthwatering Western cuisines for lunch and dinner, daily. For lunch explore our à la carte beach style cuisine. For a truly royal spread bring your appetite to the weekly beach brunch at our Sunday Brunch Club. For dinner you’ll find delicious creations that are trendy, modern and refined – with an excellent and healthy balance of both freshly caught seafood and premium meats. Accompany your meal with a craft cocktail using local ingredients and premium spirits from our innovative mixologists, or sample a cold draught from our impressive craft beer selection.


At our Hua Hin beach restaurants everything is artfully served with a signature creative twist, and we keep things continually interesting and entertaining with weekly and monthly Special Events. Our passionate seafood restaurants by the beach offer both indoor and outdoor seating. At SO Sofitel Hua Hin it’s all SO Delicious!


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